Most if the hundreds if not thousands of guides out there for building a h@ck all assume that you have access to a working Mac OS machine.  If you didn't then you were out of luck unless you could find someone who had a Mac to help you out.  Even after you got OSX installed you were still vulnerable to a failure that left you without a working machine.

The recent development of EFI emulation boot loaders by the OSX86 community has mad it possible to install from a purchased retail Mac OSX DVD. The issue is that you still need to be able to boot the DVD. 

Being Mac challenge I decided to find a way to create a h@ck without needing access to a computer already running some version of Mac OS.

The attached PDF allows you to create a retail install using only freely available software. 

This isn't a guide for motherboard xxx with graphics card yyy, there are hundreds of those you will need to find one for your hardware.  Once you know what kexts you need to boot Mac OSX then you can use this guide to install without having access to a working Mac.

If the guide you find has you run a "magic" install program then it won't work with this guide you need to be able to download and unpack the kexts.

Look for a guide that is "Vanilla Retail"
r0m30 1,
Jan 20, 2010, 1:27 PM